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Kao Steam eye mask Chamomile and ginger 1pc

Kao Steam eye mask Chamomile and ginger 1pc
Kao Steam eye mask Chamomile and ginger 1pc
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  • Product Code:  Kao Steam eye mask Chamomile and ginger 1pc
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Kao Steam eye mask Chamomile and ginger 1pc Kao Steam eye mask Chamomile and ginger 1pc
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Kao Steam eye mask Chamomile and ginger 1pc

The warming steam eye mask Kao Steam Eye Mask

Manufacturer: Kao, Japan

Chamomile and ginger, 1pc

The mask is a fabric mask a La "points" with eyelets for your ears.

What is the essence of this mask?

In those days, especially when the eyes are strained, comfortable heat will help to relax and relieve stress accumulated during the day, in just 10 minutes.

This means that each mask envelops the eye area with heat and steam.

Method of application:

1. Package with individual mask should open in places strain.
2. To get the mask for the eyes.
3. To break earloop along the line of perforation. Applying the mask to the eyes and secure with the ear loops.

A distinctive feature of the mask is that it begins to act immediately after opening the package (you will feel it by the way she starts to warm up in your hands), and therefore need to use it instantly. It is DISPOSABLE and re-heat somewhere in the microwave is not recommended. :)

It is also important to consult a doctor if you have high or low sensitivity to temperature effects.

It is not recommended to use the mask:

together with other masks around the eyes;
immediately after using the eye drops;
in the presence of eye diseases or inflammations of the eye;
if the eyes or around the eyes, sores, swelling, rashes, etc.

The warming effect lasts for 10 minutes, but one way of application is to leave the mask on the eyes at night.

The effect of the mask is palpable. Almost immediately after using the mirror noticeable result looks fresh, and puffiness, redness of the eyes disappear.

Use the mask after intense hours of work behind computers when it sometimes seems that the eye's pop out. The effect is instant. From the mirror, they look at you with eyes that rested, and perhaps slept well.

Take Kao Steam Eye Mask along for the ride. After sleeping on the train or plane, this mask will help your eyes.

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