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DHC Alpha lipoic acid 60 days

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DHC Alpha lipoic acid 60 days (α-Lipoic Acid) contains alpha-lipoic acid, useful for the organism, and brewer's yeast, which improve the condition of skin and hair, strengthen the immune system and establishing the digestive process.

Alpha Lipoic Acid - a powerful antioxidant that helps to preserve youth. Unlike vitamins C and E, it is able to fight free radicals at any of the cells, and even to penetrate into the space between cells and protect DNA. Alpha-lipoic acid can increase cellular metabolism, the cell starts to produce more energy and easier to recover.
It is indispensable for those who want to find harmony.

Alpha-lipoic acid improves sugar metabolism in the cell, does not allow him to accumulate in the blood. Sugar has a toxic effect on cells, develop diabetes, damaged skin. Damage to the skin due to the fact that the sugar is attached to collagen. Collagen loses flexibility and elasticity, so the skin becomes dry and covered with wrinkles. ALA prevents and reverses the process of accession of sugar to collagen, preventing it from accumulating and allowing the body to repair itself better.

DHC Alpha lipoic acid 60 days:

     helps to speed up metabolism, normalizes the pancreas;

     lowers blood sugar levels and increases the amount of glycogen in the liver;

     participates in the regulation of lipid and carbohydrate metabolism;

     indispensable for those wishing to find harmony;

     Effective anti-inflammatory agent;

     improves liver function, protects it from the action of exogenous and endogenous damaging factors;

     improves trophic neurons;

     has the ability to bind free radicals, maintain health and youthfulness of the body;

     improves skin and hair.

Usage: 1 capsule 2 times a day after meals, drinking plenty of water.

Composition: the energy value of a day - 3.2 kcal Protein - 0.14 g, fat - 0.12 g, carbohydrates - 0.38 g, alpha lipoic acid - 210 mg.

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